Build, test
and deploy faster

Continuous integration and deployment in the cloud

Great companies using Snap

Parallelization = Speed

Get faster feedback by running pipelines and tests in parallel. Get deployment-ready reliably and with ease.


Snap makes it simple to debug your failed stage. Run a single stage in debug mode or set up a “snap-shell” to run every time. Either way, Snap makes it easier to fix things.

Pull Request + Branch Tracking

Work in GitHub? So does Snap. Snap automatically detects any changes you make to your repo and triggers a build. Simple.

Automatic Deployments

Push your code changes and go to lunch. Continuous deployment gets your changes into your user’s hands automatically. Want more control? Set up a manual gate.


Spend more time coding, less time doing boring administration. Snap plays nicely with apps you rely on every day. Get your build notifications in Slack. Deploy to Heroku or AWS, and more.

Deployment Pipelines
(a.k.a. The Magic)

Our native deployment pipelines! Get fast feedback by breaking up tests into stages, test in multiple environments and be confident your release will be a success. Do it automatically without any manual intervention (unless you want it!)