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Continuous Integration & Delivery in the Cloud

Docker support available by request. More Info here

For more information see chapter 5 of the Continuous Delivery book, available as a free download from InformIT.


Model your build as a sequence of stages, from the fastest tests to the more comprehensive ones. As each stage passes, your application becomes increasingly production-ready.

Snap automatically propagates all artifacts down the pipeline. From the latter stages, you can choose either automatic or manual triggers to deploy to multiple environments. Continuous Deployment or Continuous Delivery—that's your choice.

Built from the ground up with
continuous delivery at its heart.

Automatic test parallelization

Run your tests in parallel for blazing fast feedback. Run multiple pipelines and projects at the same time. Combine workers if you need additional memory and CPU power. Get better and faster feedback on the things you care most about.

Branch tracking and integration pipelines

Branches are a natural part of the Git ecosystem. However, long-lived feature branches still make merging and collaboration difficult.

Snap knows all about your branches on GitHub and sets up builds for them automagically. A seprate integration pipeline tells you when your work can be merged into 'master'. With Snap, you can have your branch and merge it too!

No more snowflakes!

Rebuilding your deployment artifacts over and over again, in a subtly different environment every time, is a common source of hard-to-catch bugs.

Snap's deployment pipelines let you build your artifacts once and propagate them through the pipeline. With Snap, what you deploy is what test—bit for bit. Goodbye snowflake servers!

Pull-request integration

Pull requests lie at the heart of what makes social coding on GitHub so productive.

Snap listens for all incoming pull requests on any repositories you're building and tests them to ensure that they are verified to merge and pass tests. No more merging pull requests only to get a broken build!

Manually triggered stages

CD is not just about continuous deployment. With most patchwork CI setups, however, that is the only option.

Stages in a Snap pipeline can pause the pipeline and be triggered manually later. This puts you, not Snap, in control of your deployment and release cadence.

For the whole team

Those of us who build know it is as much of a social activity as it is a technical one.

Snap's deployment pipelines trace your code from ideas and unit tests all the way to your users hands. Snap gives everyone on your team a shared visual to see changes and exactly where they are in that process.

Live and work in the cloud.

Focus on getting your software into the hands of your customers. Let us take care of providing you with the flexible, scalable and up-to-date build environments.

Continuous delivery is in our DNA*

* Well.... not really. Because that would be silly, technically inaccurate and biologically impossible. But you know what we mean!

ThoughtWorks has been a key innovator in continuous delivery and has helped thousands deliver software over the past 20 years. We are proud to continue this tradition with Snap.

“The essence of my philosophy to software delivery is to build software so that it is always in a state where it could be put into production. We call this Continuous Delivery because we are continuously running a deployment pipeline that tests if this software is in a state to be delivered.”
— Jez Humble

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