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Snap CI has cloud-based continuous delivery deployment pipelines for Docker.

Progressively test and get feedback for your Docker images across stages to ensure that everything will be hunky-dory when you deploy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get Docker support?
  • Sign up for Snap CI and click the “Talk to us” link in the header once you are logged in. Let us know you want access to Docker and we will help you from there.
  • Why do I need to contact you for Docker support?
  • Docker support is still early access and is not generally available. To ensure the best possible experience with Snap CI’s Docker support we would like to help you along the way. Once Docker is generally available, you will no longer need to contact us.
  • I’m an existing Snap user. Can my build use Docker?
  • Yes and no. In order to get Docker support you will need to be on our new Cybele stack. Login to Snap and use the "Talk to us" link in the header to get in touch with the team to understand more about moving builds to Cybele.
  • Which Docker commands do you support?
  • All of ‘em! Checkout Docker’s helpful page for all the details.

View our product documentation, or contact us for additional help.

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