Build, test & debug with ease

Snap's continuous integration features provide all you need to set up a fast, reliable feedback loop.

Automatic test parallelization
Run tests in a fraction of the time: get up to 16x faster feedback with automatic test parallelization. And that's only the beginning. You can do a lot more in parallel too!
Immediately Debug
Failed stage? No problem! Immediately debug your failed stage without having to rerun the entire pipeline.
Seamless GitHub integration
Everything from team and organization management, to pull-request handling, closely maps to GitHub workflows. You spend less time learning Snap and more time delivering your app.
Simple, intuitive and clean UI
Our users love the simplicity of Snap. Beneath the surface you'll find a ton of carefully created, incredibly sensible defaults that simplify your life.
Automatic branch tracking
You create the branches you need and Snap automatically sets up builds for them. Delete a branch and the build goes away. Just what you need so you waste less time repeating yourself.
Pull-request integration
Snap automatically tests each pull request you receive to see if will merge cleanly and and pass all tests, saving you time. Every passing pull request is marked up in GitHub so you can merge it safely.
First-Class Support
We mean it when we say it. Need assistance? Contact our support team and we’ll help you get back into the green.
Powerful API
We love happy accidents. One way we ensure this is by providing you with an API to control what Snap does. Tell us about what you build and we would be happy to spread the word for you!

Automate, track and visualize deployments

Snap's deployment pipelines provide a level of flexibility and visibility that simple hosted continuous integration services cannot.

Clear visibility
The visual metaphor of a pipeline lets you know exactly how far your changes propagate. To know which changes are in which environment, all you need to do is look at where it is in the pipeline.
Reliable deployments
Build your artifact once and only once. Artifact propagation in Snap ensures that you deploy to literally the same binary, every time. This minimizes the chances of subtle bugs that only happen in one environment!
Automatic or manual gates
Manually gated stages let you deploy to your users when you feel the time is right, rather than being forced to deploy with every change. You control your release schedule, not us. We just make it painless.
Stage history
Snap gives you an audit trail of changes that went into an environment. In addition, you can see what changes are pending release to every environment, eliminating any guesswork involved during go-live!

Snap CI Supports

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